The castles of Transylvania


Have you heard about Dracula?…Of course you have. Well the legend says that Dracula was linked to Transylvania, but the real, historic Dracula – Vlad ΙΙΙ, has never owned anything in that area. The Bran Castle, which is shown on the first picture, today is a modern touristic attraction in Transylvania and it’s known as Dracula’s castle, but the real deal is that Vlad ΙΙΙ have never lived there. During the renovation of the castle, they found a very tight secret hall, which is considered that is the path where the vampires secretly pass through.


The Peles Castle its also situated in the Transylvania area and it was build as a summer residence of king Carlo Ι of Romania. As a result of almost nine centuries of Saxon presence, the castles in Transylvania are cultural and architectural heritage, which is unique in Europe.


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