King’s Landing


King’s Landing, Game of Thrones… can you guess what is the city that I’m about to write? It’s Dubrovnik, people :D… Dubrovnik have become one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the Mediterranean Sea. It is a fabulously enchanting city, with so much to offer all travel tastes. The Old Town Of Dubrovnik is charming and well worth exploring.


The city is so charming that will impress you, so for sure, if you go once,you’ll wanna stay longer to experience it even more. Get ready to enter to European paradise – surrounded by numerous islands and lots of attractions for all the age groups.The Ancient City Walls tour will leave you breathless. The 360 degrees views on the sea and mountains are absolutely gorgeous! As I mentioned, Dubrovnik was one of the filming locations of the famous television serias, Game of Thrones, so for those have seen the series and are passionate about it, a visit to Dubrovnik will become a beautiful deja vu because of the way in which it was so well integrated into the setting of the series.


Restaurants in Dubrovnik have got more and more expensive over the last few years, because the city became popular between the celebrities. For example Jay-Z and Beyonce were spotted last year there, soaking up the sun on a yacht moored off the city’s coast.



So have you been to Dubrovnik? If you have, share your experience in my comments, and if not add it immediately to you bucket list…

Happy traveling…


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