Perfect getaway


Women’s day it is coming so if you are looking for some place for a day trip or even a weekend getaway, Sandanski is the perfect destination. It is a small town in south – western Bulgaria, also known as one of the most popular recreation and spa center in this region. Sandanski is an important crossroad town. It’s about 60 kilometers far from the Macedonian border and about 20 kilometers far from the border with Greece. The healing mineral water is the main reason why this city is visited by many.


Basically everything is happening in the city center. The main street doesn’t sleep. Starts from the hotel Sveti Nikola and ends with the Hotel Interhotel. There are countless bars and restaurants which stay open late into the night. On the same street there are many shops for clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry etc. It is not crowed as the bigger cities so the shopping feels good and relaxing. Next to Interhotel there is a big and nice park which has many interesting things to see.12735937_10153886358103361_949664509_n

If you are looking for some place where you can get delicious food you should visit Happy Bar and Grill. It is situated at the entrance of Sandanski. Happy Bar and Grills is a chain of restaurants in Bulgaria and Barcelona. Great atmosphere, excellent food, the price are reasonable,
the service is very good and fast, so you get the order in 10 minutes. Go there you will no regret…



Tell me what do you think about this post and the tips…

Happy traveling…


2 thoughts on “Perfect getaway

    • As I said in my post, it is perfect for a day trip or a weekend. If you want to stay longer, I will recommend you to find a good hotel with spa center (must say that hotels in Bulgaria are cheap and almost every hotel have a good spa center) and you can use it for relaxation. For example, Pirin Park Hotel is only a few kilometers away from the city and has a quite environment, good place for walking around. Quiet luxury in the mountains…


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