Sydney Opera House – Photo Diary



There is a saying that goes like: You never been to Sydney if you did not see the Opera House.

It was my first trip overseas and I was very excited and curious about this monument that is also well – known as the iconic Aussie landmark. 

The Opera house is a journey to the divine, a moment of reflection and admiration. It’s in the list of the Top 25 World Wonders, and I’m pretty sure it is the most photographed building in Sydney.

It was designed by the Danish architect Jørn Utzon and was formally opened on 20 October 1973. On 28 June 2007 became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.The Sydney Opera House constitutes a masterpiece of 20th century architecture.

I’m sure that after finishing the tour around Opera House you would love to take a brake and enjoy the amazing view. Well, where better to have a tasty brunch than sitting outside at the Opera Bar on a sunny day looking across to the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

Here are some photos that I made during my journey in Sydney…I hope you’ll enjoy it…

And yeah, it was lovely to walk around and say I’ve been there i guess.

Happy traveling…



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