Karlovy Vary


If you plan on visiting Prague, Karlovy Vary it is a must see site.

It is for a reason that this little town is a well-known, and not just because of the thermal springs, but there is so much more to be seen and experienced…

The old town Karlovy Vary, along the river, is very quaint with baroque and nouveau art decor.

The architecture of the old palaces-homes is quite picturesque. The cleanliness of the town and friendliness of the shopkeepers was very inviting.



This gorgeous old city was built on both banks of a river canyon on top of the hot springs.

Hard to believe they could squeeze in so many beautiful buildings in such a small space. Elegant walking street along the river. Many nice hotels and shops.

Full of therapeutic spas to choose from. Wonderful hikes around town and up through…




I was very surprised how town people take care of this place…Actually it is not allowed the entrance of buses in the town…

There is an inter city bus, so they can reduce the pollution and have fresh air…Prudently and wise decisions made by the citizens.




Karlovy Vary is also known as the place where James Bond’s Casino Royale movie was filmed.

The Grandhotel Pupp, was one of the locations, and from what I’ve seen it is the most gorgeous, huge and amazing hotel I’ve ever been.

It is certainly a hotel in the grand tradition. Very elegant public areas and a small casino for those who are into that sort of thing.

There is a restaurant and a bar that serve a wide variety of elegant meals and amazing pastries at a price well below what you would expect to pay almost anywhere else.


And don’t forget to try the the famous Oplatky, which are very symbolic for this region…
Happy traveling…

101 thoughts on “Karlovy Vary

  1. I just posted about our own trip to Karlovy Vary and it felt so good to find this post and see your pictures. We even have pictures from similar angles for a few places! 🙂 Lovely post 🙂


  2. Karlovy Vary looks like such a beautiful little place! I’ve wanted to visit here ever since seeing the film Last Holiday years and years ago haha. It looks so perfect and quaint ☺️ your photos are great! xx


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