Mystic Dresden


Lately i didn’t have much time to catch up on my blog and I’m really sorry about it, but here I’m again and ready to share one of my traveling adventures.

This post is all about the mystical and magical Dresden, which literally took my breath away.

Dresden is the capital of the eastern German state of Saxony, distinguished with a lot of museums and art architectures and also baroque and rococo styles.




70 years ago this city was destroyed during the World War II and after the war was rebuilt, with the exact same look as it was.

The city center is like a historical fairy tale and every building has its own story. The old center is fairly small and easy to walk around.

This was a daily trip so I didn’t get the chance to visit every single one of them.







This wall represent the rulers of Saxony, starting from 12th century (left) till the beginning of the 20th century(right).


As a said every building has his own history, but the “thing” that impressed me the most was Zwinger.






 I loved walking around the Zwinger. Every step brings new and beautiful views. This palace was devastated by bombing during the war. Extensive renovation continues.

Ir is an amazing and beautiful plaza to visit on a sunny day and the clock chiming is a bonus. The garden setting, the entry ways, the fountain and the building all combine to make this a worthwhile place to visit.

Besides the historical, architectural and art monuments, there are  so many things to be seen and done, here in Dresden.


Many restaurants, coffee bars, are all around the city center and offering many pastries that you should definitely try.

Also Dresden is wonderful place for shopping, offering so many brands with very acceptable prices.

However I definitely enjoyed Dresden, and i highly recommend this city to be visited. I hope one day to go back there and see all the beauties again.

Happy traveling…


165 thoughts on “Mystic Dresden

  1. This is a very beautiful post, the pictures are amazing and the information about Dresden is very good! I think you had a very nice time in Dresden and being at the Zwinger! It’s really a very cultural and amazing city, with fine architecture! Hope you have a very nice weekend!


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