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Well hello again my friends…


Here I’m with another but this time a little bit different post. I’ve been thinking about lately to add some other categories to my blog (don’t worry still the main topic that I’ll write about will be traveling. I just love to travel :D), and I decided to give it a try and hear what you think about. A little bit of fashion, make up and maybe food won’t do any harm ha 😀


And also I don’t think that there is anyone who does not love these little pleasures that life needs sometimes or many times 😀 😀 :D….

I would like to give a review on some product that Zaful send it to me as a gift. Zaful is a online shopping website with an enormous variety of products, they ship international (and quick :D), and it is so difficult to choose, because of all that amazing, super cute products. (I’m already excited :D)


I got two bags, one watch and one necklace (these were my pick, they let me choose whatever I want for a certain amount.




Let’s just start with my favorite. This pinkish red bag was the first item I got my eye on while looking through the website, and I don’t regret it at all. I love the color, it is perfect for autumn, winter but if you are red color lover you can wear it even in summer. Actually you can never go wrong with red right :D. The bag came out more spacious then I expected. The material is smooth and it does not scratch. It is big enough cross bag, and you can wear it on a daily bases, but also for some night events :D. The gold details are the perfect finish.




The other bag is also red, but more on the burgundy side ( You can already tell that this color will be my favorite for this season 😀 ) and it is a little bit smaller then the first one but I do not regret because small bags  have taken all the looks and attention the past years. It is a cross bag, perfect for over the shoulder trend. Has a cool shape and the material is so smooth. Perfect for traveling which means I will be wearing it a lot.



zorica-wearing-black-bag-in-skopje-1I had to update the blog with new photos, because guess what? I got the last bag that I was loving the most… The thing is it that arrived one week later, and I thought it was lost in the mail, somewhere, so that’s why I wrote the blog, without in it. But now that I have it, I couldn’t be more happy (because what would be life without black bag, right). It is a small cross bag, but however a lot specious, and the quality is remarkable. And of course you can wear it with everything, it is on the go bag.


The watch is definitely one of my favorites too. I love it because there is a super cute quote that says: who cares I’m already late ( it happens what can I say) it is silver colored, easy to wear and combine and I just love it. Definitely recommended.


The last piece is a necklace with two arrows (I’m a big fan of arrow details) with a turquoise stone detail. It is super wearable, but I think it is more of a summer accessory, so can’t wait for the summer to come and to see how can I combined it.

I’m really happy with all this product (you can tell by the many smiles). Everything arrived as it was listed on the website and the products are even more beautiful in person. 😀



I’ll link all the products in case you want to give a visit to the website (I’m sure you will :D)


You can purchase HERE




You can purchase HERE




You can purchase HERE




You can purchase HERE






You can purchase HERE




I’m waiting for your comments so you can tell me if you like this kind of posts on my blog. Fingers crossed 😀

But till then, Happy traveling…

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