Gondolas, Bridges and Canals


Accademia Bridge

Hello guys,

Here I’am again with another blog post, and this time as you can see from the topic (I’m sure you already know what I’m talking about) it’s of course the one and only Venice.


View from Accademia Bridge


Canals of Venice

The ‘floating’ city, is beautiful from every single angle and is such a unique place to visit.  Fan fact: It’s the only city in the world that survived without using cars. It is situated across a group of 117 small islands that are separated by canals and linked by bridges (exactly my point :D).


Gondola ride

My opinion is that everyone need to visit this place once in their lifetime. Also another fact (this time I overused the word fact :D) is that 40% of the year Venice is flooded.


It is perfect place for photographers, because of the all colorful houses and gondolas.

Let’s just start with the journey :D.


San Marco’s Basilica


San Marco Campanile

We choose to approach the island by boat and it took about 30 to 45 minutes to get there. When arriving, it’s like another world, so many tourist no matter the season. The must see, checklist type activity is St Mark’s square.



San Marco’s Square


San Marco’s Basilica


St Mark’s Square is a stunning open space, with tables and chairs outside the many restaurants along the walkways. It is very busy area at the heart of Venice.


Me and the pigeons


San Marco’s Square


My best friend

Make sure to take picture with the pigeons while feeding them as they are a lot around…

You can see around many cafes and restaurants, with live music, but be aware that drinking coffee can cost you 15 do 20 euros and also you are paying the orchestra.


The Bridge of Sighs


The Bridge of Sighs

Right next to the corner is the Bridge of Sighs. You can see it from a main bridge along the main canal. The bridge of sighs is called such as, because of the walkway that many prisoners took from Doge’s Palace courts to prison after conviction…Very sad story behind the bridge but another beautiful historical thing to look at.It is one of the most famous photo op over the canal seen in numerous postcards.




Wandering around the tiny streets you come across with lots of bridges (and when I say a lot I mean tons of it :D), tiny canals, full with gondolas and happy people. It is such a romantic place.


Rialto Bridge


Rialto Bridge


View from Rialto Bridge

Rialto Bridge is one of the four bridges spanning the Grand Canal and it is the oldest bridge in Venice.  Also one of the perfect places for taking photos.

Gondola Ride


View from the gondola



You have to take a gondola ride when you are in Venice, otherwise what is the point of the visit? The ride was around 30 minutes and it costed 80 Euros. I would not talk too much here, so you can experienced by yourself.

Church Santa Maria della Salute

Last but not least we visited the iconic Santa Maria della Salute church which construction began in 1631. It is enormous and beautiful.

View from Santa Maria della Salute


View from Santa Maria della Salute

Outside there’s nice view over canal and Venice landscape.

Accademia Bridge

Of course the Italians have the most delicious food in the world so pizza, gelato and Aperol Spritz are must while in Venice.

View from Accademia Bridge

Well I think  George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin got married in Venice for a reason, right?

Gondolas everywhere

Till next time…
Happy traveling…

194 thoughts on “Gondolas, Bridges and Canals

  1. I definitely want to visit Italy, especially Venice! I didn’t know that they’re the only city in the world that has been able to survive without cars, that’s amazing! I agree, this does seem like quite a site to see at least once in your life, which I definitely intend on! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you have a great weekend ahead, girlie!




  2. Gabrielle

    What a gorgeous travel diary – it looks so beautiful there at any time of year! Ah, I had plans to visit Venice last month but sadly they fell through, think I’lll be heading there next Spring though and I can’t wait! 🙂



  3. è interessante scoprire le impressioni di un turista estero su una delle più belle e visitate città della mia bella Italia e del mondo intero! il suo fascino e la straordinaria bellezza dei suoi palazzi grandiosi e delle piccole calli sono un conforto per l’anima
    quando c’è l’acqua alta il suo fascino accresce, sembra di essere in una città acquario dove ci si può sentire pesci!
    grazie mille
    felice sera Annalisa


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