Game of Thrones Location

Hello my friends,

Here I am again with another post and because is super chilly in the city where I live I thought why not to shake the weather with some summer and warm photos about the place I was really excited to visit… As you can see from the topic of the post it is one of the locations where the famous TV show, Game of Thrones ( I don’t know how many Game of thrones fans we have here, but I’m one of their biggest) was filmed. It is Girona my friends…


The steps of Girona Cathedral



Girona Cathedral


Game of Thrones crew filming in front of Girona Cathedral



Girona Cathedral

Girona is a popular destination for tourists and Barcelona day-trippers. So it is not that famous as Barcelona, but there is so much to be seen, so don’t hesitate to visit it if you are somewhere near by. It is one of the major Catalan cities.


Old Town Girona


Girona’s streets


Old Town

One of the most interesting in Catalonia, the historic city of Girona invites visitors to trace its more than 2000 years of history.  The city’s artistic heritage has been preserved in the numerous monuments that have survived until today.


Girona Cathedral

Game of Thrones crew filming in Girona


Map of Westeros


Old Town


The main attraction is The cathedral where one of the Game of Thrones scenes was filmed and it is huge and amazing masterpiece… It is the best I’ve seen so far.


Riverside in Girona

Also one of my favorite spots is the riverside with the pretty colorful houses. It is in the center of the old city and next to the main restaurant area.


Old Town


Riverside in Girona


Gardens of Girona

I friendly recommend this place, which is a must while visiting Spain or Barcelona. (Especially if you are Game of Thrones fan :D).

Happy traveling…



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