The Romantic City Of Verona


Piazza Bra

Happy Wednesday my friends…

I don’t think I need an intro for the city, where the love story of Romeo and Juliet took place. This is how this region became even more popular. Well I guess by the topic you already know that my next post will be about the romantic Verona.


Verona’s Town Hall

Centuries of history in one city. A splendid city of art, surrounded by the traces of its ancient history.

The power of storytelling should never be underestimated. Every year hundreds of thousands of us trek to Verona to see the balcony where Juliet stood while Romeo declared his love.


Juliet’s balcony

None of us care that it’s very possible that Romeo and Juliet were only figments of Shakespeare’s imagination.


Entrance of Juliet’s house

This is the most powerful love story in western culture and we all want to live a little part of its dream – though not its tragic ending.


Juliet’s wall: The wall of love

You can mix with the crowds below the balcony, go inside the building and stand on the actual balcony, or enter a shop over the way and look, for free, from a higher level.
As to whether Romeo ever scaled this actual balcony or not, I think the jury is out, but it is a bit of fun.


Juliet’s house

But I must mention that is very crowded and it is really difficult to take good picture.


Juliet’s statue

Also, according to the tradition if we want to return to Verona and to find the true love we have to touch the right breast of Juliet’s statue situated in the courtyard of her house.

However despite Juliet’s house there are a lot more things to be seen and visited in Verona.


Piazza Bra


Piazza Bra


Main restaurant area


Italian pizza with a view

Piazza Bra is the biggest and most popular square in Verona. Besides is the main restaurant area so you can always try the Italian pizza and the famous Aperol Spritz, which is commonly served as an aperitif in Northeast Italy.


Verona Arena


Verona Arena by night

Along the side of Piazza Bra is Verona Arena which was build in the first century. It is the third largest amphitheater in Italy, and still in use today.


Piazza Erbe


Piazza Erbe


Piazza Erbe


Typical Italian houses

Piazza Erbe is another  great square but smaller that Piazza Bra. There is a market, where local merchants are selling everything . Nearby, there are several restaurants and gelaterias with more affordable prices than the restaurants in Piazza Bra.


Italian gelato


Italian street food


Italian gelato flower shaped

When in Italy is a must Italian food and the famous gelato.


Town hall by night


Italian balconies


Piazza Bra by night


Beautiful park

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Till next time.

Happy traveling…

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