Ancient Athens+Zaful Update


Theater Of Dionysus

Hello beautiful people…

Happy Sunday… How is the weather in your country?… I’m freezing in mine… This winter is the coldest I remember, and I’m not big fan of snowy and chilly weather (I’m a summer person) so I try to stay in my home most of the time. So enough about the weather.

In this post I wanted to share my New Years trip to Athens. This city has been on my bucket list since forever, so I’m glad that I can cross it off from my list. It’s one of the oldest cities I’ve been so far. I checked a few travel apps before my trip to make sure the weather and everything would be fine!


The Parthenon


Acropolis of Athens


The Parthenon


The Propylaea


The Erechtheum

Athens is the capital and the largest city of Greece. Got its name from its patron goddess Athena. It wouldn’t be a proper trip to Athens without visiting Acropolis. If you want to experience history and get the most amazing view of Athens, this is the place to be. The history of the ancient world and the story of the greatest society is in a few steps of up the hill.


Syntagma Square by night


Syntagma square


Hellenic Parliament by night

Syntagma square is the main and central places in Athens. Opposite the square is the Government building where happens the changing of the guards. The soldiers march with one leg picked up held straight out and balance as they point their foot then bend it and slap it down. It very interesting experience so do not miss it.


Greek Architecture


View from 360 Cocktail Bar

Near is the Ermou street, where are situated lots of brand shops, few coffee bars and restaurants. At the end of the street is one of my favorite places: 360 ° Cocktail bar with a rooftop restaurant where you can get the most amazing view of the Acropolis, while drinking coffee or having one of their delicious Greek dishes. (If you are following me, I’m sure you are you already introduced with my rooftops ‘obsession’ :D).


Zaful hat and bag

As you can see from the topic I have also an update of my Zaful collection. In my previous post about this online page Different blog post I talked about the pieces they kindly send to me. I’ve been sent more and the one that arrived I wore through my trip in Athens.


Zaful hat

The wine red hat is a statement piece. Can’t go unnoticed, and whenever I wear it I get so many compliments.


Choker sweater

The choker sweater is very unique piece. I still haven’t seen something similar and just love to wear it in everyday combinations.


Zaful Velvet Dress and Jacket


Zaful Collection

The red velvet dress was my new years outfit and I combined it with the black leather jacket. Velvet is so in for the moment and it is my go to piece. Both pieces are making a perfect match and very interesting combination.

If you want to shop the look here are the links:

Leather jacket

Red velvet dress

Wine red hat

Choker sweater


Hellenic Parliament


Acropolis of Athens


Theater of Dionysus


The Parthenon

What do you think about these Zaful pieces? Have you ever been to Athens before?

Till next time…

Happy traveling…



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