Celebrating One Year of Blogging| South Greece: Nafplio

colorful_houses_in_nafplio_greeceHello beautiful people,

This is a special post for me because I’m celebrating one year of blogging. It seems like it was yesterday when I decided to start this journey. And I’m so glad I did. I’m thankful for all your love and I hope my posts inspired you in some way..


tiny_streets_nafpliothebest_greek_coffeeTherefor I wanted to share my latest trip to South Greece. Nafplio is not that famous but is an interesting place which I would definitely love to visit again. It’s a seaport town in the Peloponnese in Greece, and it was an important seaport held under a succession of royal houses in the Middle Ages.



Nafplio is a special town. It is busy a bit, but once you slide in the narrow streets of the Old Town, this is total calm. First thing to notice on Nafplio was the many stores with worry beads and ice-creams. Grab an ice-cream at hand and stroll around. Romantic city with so many colorful and old houses, large squares and tiny streets. It remind me a lot of Corfu.

Will upload lots of photos and they will do the talk.. Hope you enjoy it.


Till next time…

Happy traveling..


223 thoughts on “Celebrating One Year of Blogging| South Greece: Nafplio

  1. What a gorgeous, gorgeous place. Would love to visit Greece someday! That pasta reminds me of all the pasta I ate in Italy last summer! YUM! That drink looks so good, too!



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