Magic Montserrat Mountain

Me_posinng_monastery_montserratHappy Sunday lovelies,

How was your weekend so far?

Today I’m sharing an amazing place with you. Located near the city of Barcelona I visit it last summer during my Spain trip. For many visitors a trip to Barcelona Montserrat Spain is the highlight of their visit. A visit to Barcelona is not complete if you don’t go there. This was a spectacular place to visit and well worth the trek to get there. 


The mountain views are spectacular! It’s also so serene and peaceful. Take the opportunity to view not only a historic place, but one which offers the opportunity to take beautiful photos overlooking Barcelona. You will be in for quite a bit of walking so make sure you are prepared.Montserrat_MonasteryAmazing_view_of_the_mountainsMontserrat_monastery_insideChurch_montserrat_monastery_spainInside_monastery_MontserratTrain_ride_Montserrt_mountainThe monastery was found in the 10th century. Can be reached by road, train or cable car. On the way up we went by bus but on the way down we got the train and it was an amazing experience. You get spectacular views of the mountain and the surroundings.Entance_of_the_Virgin_Montserrat_StatueWaiting_line_for_the_statueThe_statue_of_virgin_of_montserrat

Inside the church at the rear of the chapel, is located the statue of Virgin of Montserrat. You will join in line with a group of people, many of whom have come as pilgrims to the statue. Chances are you will have to wait (we waited one hour and a half) to get to the statue and touch it and than the wish that you imagined will come true. Rocky_Montserrat_mountainsMontserrat_mountains_SpainHave you visited Montserrat mountains or monastery? Hope you enjoyed this post.

Till next time.

Happy traveling…

224 thoughts on “Magic Montserrat Mountain

  1. I visited here in 2013 – Fantastic place, although what with walking around the mountains we didn’t have time to explore the Monastery itself.
    I think a return visit is in order…


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