Amazed by Ljubljana


Triple Bridge

Hello my beautiful friends,

I know it’s been a while since I posted my last post but it was quite a busy period for me. However I’m back and I’m ready to share one of my latest experiences.

As you can tell by the topic is all about amazing Ljubljana. So, I’ve traveled a lot all around Europe and I haven’t been delighted by a city for long time till I visited Ljubljana.

I can’t even explain how beautiful and dreamy this city is. So Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia ( a small country in Central Europe), and it’s famous by it’s mountains, ski resorts and lakes. It is also Melania Trump’s home country (had to mention it :D).


Town Hall Square


Robba Fountain

So Ljubljana is not a big city and I guess you can get the most of it in one day. It was rewarded as European Green Capital for 2016. Being a city with a green soul and a high level of environmental awareness, it has manage to preserve its green character to the present day.


Cobblers’ Bridge


Preseren Square 


Ljubljana Cathedral


City Center

Really lovely town with masses to see and do. Ljubljana is compact and easy to walk around. Very clean and well maintained.


Dragon Bridge


Dragon Bridge

Dragon Bridge was built in 1904, is one of most visited attraction in Ljubljana. Selfie with a dragon is a must.


Funicular to Ljubljana Castle


Ljubljana Castle


Ljubljana Castle


Ljubljana Castle

Ljubljana Castle is a must while visiting Ljubljana. You have two options that will be worth…going by the funicular that you will get amazing view or even go without any charge walking till the top of the hill. The inside is really amazing from structures, exhibitions and view from the city. Some of the places are free of charge some you have to pay for it.


Ljubljana Old Town


Triple Bridge by night


Preseren Square by night

The old town is really lovely with masses to see and do. Ljubljana is compact and easy to walk around. Very clean and well maintained. Along the river Ljubljanica canal there are so many bars and restaurants. It is absolutely perfect, not being too narrow or too wide.


Cobblers’ Bridge


Congress Square


Butcher’s Bridge 


Ljubljana Old Town


Ljubljanica Canal


Town Hall 


Robba Fountain


Cobblers’ Bridge

It was such an amazing experience for me and I do hope to visit it again.

Did you enjoy the post? Have you ever been to Ljubljana?

Till next time…

Happy traveling…



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