Travelers Essentials: MODERN MAP ART PRINTS

Happy Sunday my travelers,

How was your summer so far? Did you manage to visit some interesting places last month? Printart_map_of_Daytona_Beach

So this time I’m coming back with a little bit different post. MODERN MAP ART @modernmapart  was founded in 2016 and they take your favorite cities, mountains, and places and turn them into beautiful works of art. So what’s a better way to bring  your memories back then having them right next to you it in your room. Also this will be an amazing and unique gift idea.

So they kindly sent me map art of Daytona beach which I was really happy to receive and I think every traveler will need such an art piece in their collection.

This particular map art is available in three different colors:

  • white,
  • tan and blue,
  • black,

Also there are many different sizes as

  • 8×10,
  • 12×18,
  • 16×20,
  • 18×24,
  • 24×46,

Personally my favorite color is tan and blue (the one that I picked) and the size I chose was 18×24.

So they have a wide range of Country Map Prints, City Map Prints and Ski Map Prints, accessories and you can also get a custom made map. Do not hesitate to check their website.


So as a traveler I really appreciate these kind of modern pieces because they are really travel friendly but also modern.




Hope you enjoyed this post….

Till next time…

Happy traveling…







71 thoughts on “Travelers Essentials: MODERN MAP ART PRINTS

  1. Gabrielle

    I’ve seen these around quite a bit lately and think they’re such a great idea; ideal for giving as gifts too – especially to those who love travelling and exploring!

    Liked by 1 person

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