Greece and its beauties – Parga Edition


Parga 2017

Happy Sunday my lovelies,

How was your weekend? Are you enjoying the last days of the summer? For me Greece is synonym for summer. This country and its beauties are perfect for your summer vacation. There are many small villages that have their own story and beauty. This summer my choice was Parga, a small colorful town located in the northwestern part of the regional unit of Preveza in Epirus, northwestern Greece. I would called it Greek Positano :).  There are a lot of steps but definitely is worth the hike.




Parga Port


Parga view from a boat



Narrow street in Parga


View from Parga Castle

Parga is surrounded by many beaches. Valtos beach is the most popular.



Valtos Beach

Wandering through the narrow streets you can find many shops. It would’t be the real Parga experience if you don’t get to visit the many restaurants with amazing views of the port or the beaches.



Parga Center


Cute restaurant in Parga Center


Parga By Night


Parga by night


View from the top


View from Parga Castle

Out of the all places the Parga Castle is a must while visiting. Along the port there are many restaurants that offer delicious Greek dishes but also perfectly served sea food and amazing sweat treats.



Greek Salad



Delicious Waffle

Only a 20 minutes by speed boat there is an amazing beach resort called Lichnos beach. It is on the pricey side but next to it on the same beach there are other restaurants which are more affordable.



Lichnos Hotel


Delicious Greek Frappe


Typical Greek house


Colorful Parga


Sunset in Parga

Parga was an amazing experience which I totally recommend. Hope this post was somehow helpful if you planning on visiting Parga or Greece.

Till next time…

Happy traveling…

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