Winter Colors

Hello beautiful people,

Today i’m talking about my go-to winter pieces, and I have many amazing things to share with you in this post. These ones were something I really thought my wardrobe was missing, even though I’m stocked with sweaters, scarfs or boots. However a girl can never have too many shoes or clothes :).




These lovely boots  were the ones that catch my eye right away.  The pearls are the perfect detail and they are in black color (you can never go wrong with black right 🙂 ) and come just above your ankle. Perfect daytime appropriate wearable heal which means you can do a lot a walking in them. Also super comfortable. Just love them.



Scarfs is what I’ve been doing this season a lot. Actually this was hands down my best pick and I can not tell you how much wear I got out of this scarf.  Love the color combo, it is super wearable and cozy.



This green turtleneck  is more of a cropped sweater and super cozy as well.  Sometimes you can’t be bother to think of an outfit and you want something plain so you literally just chunk it on. Perfect go-to item.


I hope that you have enjoyed seen what i have been picking out lately. Let me know in the comments below what was your favorite…

Till next time…


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