Everyday Outfits ideas

Happy Saturday beautiful people,

I’m still waiting for Spring and while gets warm let’s find some outfit ideas for wintry weather 🙂 Also having Valentine’s day pretty close I wanted to give you some valentine’s day gifts ideas.


Valentine gift guide post can be helpful (hopefully) for everyone who is doing this last minute so I picked some of the items that the lovely girls from Gamiss team sent me and I thought why not share it with you :).

So let’s start with it.


The first item is this cute embellished top. The reason I picked it up was the pearls detailing but also the color. I’ve been obsessed with burgundy this season so that pretty much justify it. Also there is an interesting detail on the back.



The next thing that I was not sure getting it, were these burgundy (again :)) jeans which I absolutely love now and I’m think they totally deserve to be mentioned. The zipper on the side is the perfect detail and I can stop wearing them.


Also I got a jumper that is a little bit out of my comfort zone because lately I’ve been loving plain basic items but this jumper is I guess perfect for giving a pop of color to an outfit.



What do you think about my Gamiss Valentines gift  ideas? Let me know in the comment section below.

Till next time…

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