Malta through my lens – Part 2

Hello beautiful people,

Today’s post going to be Part 2 of my Malta traveling video guides and basically I wanted to make this because the ones that have been following me (my blog name 🙂 is pretty self-explanatory ) know that I love to travel and I wanted to help you or make your travel easier (especially if plan on visiting Malta) showing these videos.

While in Malta make sure to visit Island Gozo. Take the ferry from the island Malta which costs around 20 euros, and after 25 minutes you land to this beautiful place. Maltese architecture is influenced by the Arabic world but this is the place where you get this impression the most. In the middle of the island, sits Rabat, the capital. Every corner of the Citadella is piece of art and it gives Game of Thrones vibes.

The smallest of the three Maltese islands is Comino. Its most famous place and something you can see on all Maltese postcards is Blue Lagoon. Recommend if you are just seeking for an escape, beautiful views there, especially among Maltese attractions. The return boat ride form Malta to Comino is around 15 euros and is definitely a must see. During high season is packed with tourists so if you go for swimming or snorkeling better choose May, September or October.

One of the Maltese natural wonders is the Blue Grotto. Has became very popular tourist attraction, and it was a beautiful place to check out.

The modern face of Malta is Sliema, which is only 15 minutes by car from the capital Valletta. The hotels in Sliema are less expensive then the ones in Valletta so if you are on a budget make sure to check the hotels or apartments in this city.

St Julians is a seaside town in Malta, north of the capital right next to Sliema. We got to visit it by night but it was totally worth it. St. Julian’s the party Mecca of Malta and is the place to go if want to spend some time in the most lively district in Malta by night.

So have you been to Malta before. I’m eager to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Till next time…

Happy traveling…

51 thoughts on “Malta through my lens – Part 2

  1. Gabrielle

    I know very little about Malta and so this was such an interesting travel post to read through! The video of St Julians is great, all of the lights by night look beautiful 🙂 x

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