Exploring Macedonia | STRUGA | RADOZDA | VEVCANI

Hello beautiful people,

And welcome back to my blog. After so many fashion posts I decided it’s time to get back to me passion, which initiate this journey, the traveling. This post is not like any other travel post, but it’s special one, because I’m presenting you part of my country, which I find pretty much worth a visit. Europe is like no other place in the world, but the Balkans are the cherry on the cake 🙂 🙂 🙂 I come form Macedonia and although modest in size, it is full of character and offers historic sights along with national parks packed with dense forests, striking waterfalls, and unbelievably beautiful lakes.Hotel_izgrev_struga_teraceSo get ready to be surprised by the beauties that I’m about to present you and I hope you’ll be eager to visit them.  These pictures are not giving proper justice so book a ticket and get the whole experience.

radozda_village_strugaview_from_restaurant_white_macedonian_wineradozda_view_from_restaurantWill start with the small village of Radozda, situated on Ohrid Lake, 10 km away from Struga. Radozda is teeming with amazing nature, surrounded by the beautiful Ohrid Lake. If you want to enjoy testy Macedonian wine and delicious pastrmka (most famous Macedonian fish) this is the the place to be. I also recommend “makalo” and any other homemade stuff. There are many restaurants on the lakeside where you get spectacular views of Lake Ohrid. The food is super affordable and delicious.

Village_vevcani_entrancevevcani_passport_moneytraditional_macedonain_architectureVevcani_hard_rockThe village of Vevčani is found in the southwestern range at the foot of the Jablanica mountain range. It is 15 km away from Struga and it is one of kind place. There’s a gate on the entrance and they have their own passport and money. Getting there you experience traditional Macedonian architecture and also you are surrounded by picturesque nature.vevcani_springs_nature vevcani_springs_vevcani_naturevevcani_macedonia_springs.jpegVevcani Springs are beautiful series of cold water springs seeping out of the mountain range separating Macedonia and Albania. There are small very clean stream tumbles over a series of rocks and boulders. Place to take a fresh air and to relax and enjoy in nature.Pansion_Kutmicevica_Vevcani_entrance Macedonian_food_restaurant_kutmicevica_vevcaniKutmicevica_inside_vevcanidelicious_macedonian_food_kutmicevicaWhile in Vevcani do not miss Restaurant Kutmicevica. It is cozy, traditional restaurant with home made Macedonian food and wine. Make sure to try the all traditional specialties as ajvar, cheese, banici ect. The price range is super affordable so while there check it out. struga_by_night_restaurantstruga_by_night_deliciousnessLast but by any means not least is Struga. I think this city has been outshined by Ohrid and did not got the attention that it deserves. Here, Ohrid Lake meets River Drim. The wooden dam where the river flows out of Ohrid Lake is really interesting for taking couple of photos and relaxing in the local cafe shops near the dam. On both sides of the river Drim  you can walk on paved promenades, undisturbed by traffic. In one end you have a nice view over Lake Ohrid and the surrounding mountains. Kalishta_church_strugapink_tree_ohridMacedonia_church_kalishta_strugathe_crew_ohrid_frendshipohrid_macedoniakalistha_macedoniaAlso it is surrounded by many beautiful churches. Kalishta is one of the most famous.  While in Struga make sure to visit Hotel Izgrev.

Hotel_izgrev_struga_entranceHotel_izgrev_inside_strugahotel_izgrev_outsideWhat do you think about this post. I can sum up that a lot of food was involved. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Let me know in the comments below.

Till next time.

Happy Traveling…




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