Hello beautiful people,

Warmer weather and sunny days are the perfect excuse to pack your suitcase and explore new place. Now that summer is upon us, is time to share my favorite places for getaways in Greece, particularly Halkidiki..  For me Greece equals with paradise and even though I’ve visited many countries this is the place I always come back to. Their beaches are picture perfect, the sand is white and the water is the clearest. Also there are many beach bars offering amazing parties, the food is non-indescribably tasteful and the ambient is very essential for summertime.

I picked up 6 beach bars/beaches/resorts as my favorite so come along with me and get the most authentic Greek experience…  Also check my new posts about Halkidki Updated : Beach Bars in Halkidki | Kassandra and WHEN IN GREECE |HALKIDIKI | THESSALONIKI |WHAT TO EAT, WHERE TO GO, WHAT TO DO  for more places.


The first one, It’s called ELEPHANT BEACH BAR and it is in Pefkohori, which is a village in Kassandra the “first toe” in Halkidiki. This place is colorful oasis and it gives dessert vibes. Having a colorful exotic decor with cactuses, huge pillows and everything made of wood, you will have such a great time relaxing and enjoying the scenery. The water is super clear and you get a free sunbed and umbrella if ordering drinks or food.  The frappe is around 4 euros the juices 4-6 euros, the beer around 6-7 euros and there is also food menu which is not the expensive. To sum up, these are like normal prices for Halkidiki.



PASTAZI ALL DAY BEACH BAR is the next one and this one is situated in Nea Flogita small village, around 10 km away from Thessaloniki. It has very modern design offering delicious food and refreshing drinks. Pastazi stands out cause there are lots of lounges for everyone, it is organized with quick service and very nice people. Pricing same as the previous, coffee around 4 euros, Wine, Proseco around 8 euros, the food around 6-10 euros depending on your orders.



SAHARA BEACH BAR is also one of my favorites. It is 4 km away from the small village Nea Kalikratia. Huge beach area, very well organized and kept! Excellent service and options to relax yourself near the crystal clear water of the sea! Very good music! Full of young people enjoying themselves. Pricing 4 euros frappe, around 6 euros beer, 6 euros sandwich ect.



KOHI BEACH BAR is restaurant and bar incorporated in the area of Porto Carras resort. Super relaxing place in an isolated area where you can spend a clear time with yourself. Just stay all day until the sun goes down. Great food & great music. You can eat at the little restaurant or they will bring things to your lounge bed. Water is so fresh. If you want to relax by the beach this is the place to be.



PORTO CARRAS is a luxury resort situated in the “second toe” od Halkidiki, Sithonia. If you are not staying in the resort you’ll be asked to pay 10 euros as an entrance. But when you there, you get to use their private beach, sunbeds and pools which are on point. The hotel facilities are genuine 5 star: the quality of service, the restaurants and bars, and also there is golf club which is exceptional. Pricing here is more on the expensive side so be prepare to splurge.



Last but not least is UMBRELLAS BEACH BAR. Situated few km away from ELEPHANT BEACH BAR provides an amazing atmosphere and fascinating decor. The sunbeds are huge also there is a bar with great music and great menu. Perfect if you want to combine sun and parties. Pricing normal for this kind of bars here as mentioned above.. Super worthy when visiting Halkidiki.


Which one is your favorite. What would be your choice relaxing or parting beach bar. I’m eager to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Till next time…

Happy Traveling…





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