Hello beautiful people,

How is your week going on so far? What are your plans for the summer? Have you been on vacation or you’re still in the booking process? I have a destination I want to recommend and it is one of the Greek islands. So, Crete is Greece largest island and its coastline provides hundreds of beautiful beaches. Located between the southern side of Aegean Sea and the northern side of the Libyan Sea, Crete gets very popular in summer due to the gorgeous beaches, the traditional lifestyle of the locals and the beautiful nature. You’ll need a lifetime to visit all the beaches the island is offering.




According to TripAdviser, Balos beach is in the top 10 European beaches. It is an exotic sandy beach with crystal Caribbean-like water. You have two options to get to the beach. Either you book a boat cruise or you can rent a car. The boat ride starts from Kissamos port and it takes an hour to the Lagoon. First on the program is Gromvousa island which is next to Balos and you have there around one hour. After you get to enjoy Balos beach for 3 hours. The boat has a huge lounge bar and it offers many meals and drinks. Full price of the cruise from Chania was 33 Euros . If you pick the car option you should be advised that the roads are bad. When arriving to the parking, it follows a hike down the side of the cliff. The view is worth every drop of sweat while hiking back up that hill! In the summer it is fully packed and it gets crowded. Definitely out of this world. So I will stop talking and let the photos and videos do the justice.


Seitan Limania beach is located in the northeast of Akrotiri, east of Crete, 20 km from Chania city. This beach is totally different from the others and the name gives you heads up. Seitan is in Turkish and it means Devil and Limania is in Greek and means Port. The road is the most dangerous I’ve ever driven to and we went there by bus. Bus ticket from Chania is 2.50 Euros. The bus needed to go revers so it can take the curves. And there were 3 pretty dangerous curves. But the saga didn’t stop there. First of all the view of the trip is out of this world (not suitable for those that are afraid of heights). Crystal clear waters await you after the descent of the mountain. The walk down is dangerous, there’s no walking path, you just climb down and up the cliff. Do not try to go there with flip flops. Also there are no amenities so bring water, snacks and umbrella.  I’m not sure If I go again because I’m afraid of heights but excluding that I just loved the experience and it was totally worth it.



Falassarna is a large sandy beach on the western side of Crete, an hour and a half drive from Chania town. The bus ticket from Chania was around 5 Euros. This is an amazing beach but it can get quite big waves on those windy days. It is perfect for surfing. Also there are like 3 beach bars and you can get an umbrella and sunbeds for around 7 euros. Super clear water, white sand and not that packed as the previous two. Definitely a must while in Crete.


Elafonisi (or Elafonissos) is a small islet connected to the rest of Crete by a shallow reef that can be crossed when the sea is calm. This islet lies 82 km northwest of Chania town and can be reached by boat from Paleohora or by car from the village of Vathi, until a point and then cross the reef. We went there by bus and the trip was around 18 Euros. The road is again tricky but not that dangerous. Feels like you are at the Maldives. Turquoise water, pink sand, like a swimming pool. A glorious beach with lovely sand and shallow crystal clear water. Surprising good for snorkeling. Yes there are a lot of people. Yes it is touristic but it worth it. An umbrella and two sunbeds will cost you around 10 Euros. Well worth a visit.


What is your favorite? Have you visited Crete or any of these beaches? I’m eager to hear you opinion. Let me know in the comments below.

Till next time.

Happy traveling…



  1. Fabulous photos! I fell in love with Greece when I watched Hayley Mills in the Moonspinners when I was 12. Always wanted to go to the Island of Crete. In the meantime I’ll enjoy a taste of Greece watching your video clips! 🙂


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  2. I went to Greece last month but didn’t get the chance to visit Crete. I have obviously missed a lot but Greece abounds in wonderful islands. I hope I’ll get to see all these beaches one day!

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