Summer is not over yet

Hello beautiful people,

How are you doing today. How is summer treating you so far? Can you survive the heat or you are enjoying the weather? I’m a summer girl and I don’t mind the warmness. Summer is not over yet, and we still have time to get the most out of it, especially clothes wise. Also summer is my favorite because of the easy wearing “dress code”. I would like to share some summer outfit ideas, either for day or night, but also some beach essentials.

Let’s just take a moment and appreciate this top. It is a eye catcher piece and the low cut makes it super flattering. The cut out on the back side is giving that sexy vibe and the flower print is shoeing the girly side of the top. This is such a unique piece and can be combined with denim or white bottoms. What do you think about it?

A white dress is essential for summer. It is the substitute for the black dress. It can be combined with every other color and what I love the most is that it accentuate your ten. What is better in summer than having a little bit more ten 🙂 :). This one is my favorite because it has buttons on the front and just hugs your body.


Bikini set is essential for summer and what I appreciated about this the most is that is super simple. There are no extra straps and it is perfect for getting the best tan. Even though is simple is super pretty and I’m positive it’s everybody cup of tea. There are four colors option but this one is definitely my favorite.

A good simple white top is essential for the summer. It is perfect match with everything and it’s super easy to style. I love it and I have quite of them. This one is again with buttons on the front but I guess that detail catch my eye all the time. 🙂 🙂

Last but not least is this super casual dress. Can be worn on a daily bases but I prefer it for the beach. Either way the front quote speaks for itself. Love that is easy to wear and again it white which for me is the perfect color for summer.

Products mentioned:

Ruffle Sleeveless Floral Print Peplum Top

Button Front Sleeveless Belted Dress

Strapless Stripe High Cut Bikini Set

Buttons Ribbed Tee

Graphic Fringe Cold Shoulder T-shirt


Use code ZFNancy2 so you can get 12% off

What is your favorite summer color or piece. I would like to hear more in the comments below.

Till next time…


23 thoughts on “Summer is not over yet

  1. Gabrielle

    That white button-up midi dress is so cute! I find myself thinking about Autumn now that the main heatwave has passed haha, it’s difficult to remember it’s still summer and still August!! Hope you have a fabulous week ahead 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

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