Happy 3rd birthday The One That Travels | What and where to eat (& enjoy) when in Belgrade | Serbia

Hello beautiful people,

I can’t believe it’s been three years since I started my blog. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I remember when it was just an idea and dream, to start this journey, and these three years passed by so quick but however, fulfilled with lot of memories which am happy and able to share with you. First of all, I started my blog, for myself, because when I travel I take a lot of photos and videos ( my travel baddies can relate) so I thought collecting and organizing all my memories, as my diaries. from my travels will make a good blog. So if you are thinking of starting a blog do not hesitate and start today. I promise, you’ll be getting better and better with every single post. Also somehow, every blog anniversary has been celebrated with new travels 🙂 🙂 🙂

pigdesert_cappucino_tintolino_beogradA celebration is not complete without food right? (not for me 🙂 ) So last week I visited Belgrade, and what I did the most there, I ate a lot ( not sorry at all). As mention above I have so many photos – food related, so stay tuned if you want to find out about my picks of the best places to eat in Belgrade.

dolcebytintolino_beograd_interiorAs a deserts lover I’ll start with my favorite place Dolce by Tintolino. It is a heaven for all of as sweets obsessed and I’m positive It is Laduree inspired. The interior makes you feel like you are in a Disney fairy tale and the deserts are just perfect. They look and taste delicious at the same time. Price-wise it is definitely on the expensive side but the whole experience is totally worth it. desertsattintolino_beogradpigdesert_dolcebytintolino_cuteplace_beograddolcebytintolino_map_belgrade_beograd

trisesira_beograd_belgrade_skadarlijaserbian_food_cevapcici_bread_sopskasalata_beogradIf you want to get the whole Serbian experience my choice is the restaurant Tri Sesira (Three Hats). It is situated in the Old Town area know as Skadarlija where you can find few typical Serbian restaurants offering local food and music. Try their cevapcici and many other meat dishes. Also the interior is as very typical-Serbian with old elements. Here, on this street you absolutely get that typical Serbian vibe. The prices are on the affordable side so a must when in Belgrade. skadarlija_oldtown_beogradtrisesira_threehats_map_belgrade_beograd

Sweets_boutique#1_belgrade_beogradBoutique#1 is lunch & coffee bar right next to the main and most famous street Knez Mihajlova. It offers wide range of food and deserts options, and while you get the best view from the Square Republike. As well on the affordable side. pica_somersby_boutique#1_center_belgrade_beograd


comunale_lunch_belgrade_waterfront_beogradIf you want to enjoy your lunch and coffee with river view Comunale is the place to be. There are a bunch of restaurants along the waterfront with different food selection. The food and the service is on point. pizza_coffee_comunale_dunabe_belgradecomunale_map_belgrade_beograd

And last but not least is for those who like to experience the night life in Belgrade. There are many options and I’m sure you won’t make mistake picking any of them. We went to Kasina By Community which is a lunch bar during day and Night bar after 12 PM. Many Serbian band and singers are performing there and the service is on point. One of the must visit places as well.kasinabycommunity_map_belgrade_beogradsesirmoj_skadarlija_beograd_oldtownpigdesert_dolcebytintolino_cappucino_heartsweet_belgradebeograd_tintolino_deserts_belgrade

Have you visited Belgrade so far? Is it on your bucket list? Let me know in the comments below…

Till next time…

Happy Traveling…


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