Fairy Tale Town| Bruges/Brugge |Belgium

Happy Saturday people,

Traveling can be such a stress relief. We tend to be so caught up in our daily lives that sometimes by simply sticking around we may cause more harm than good. Getting out of your daily routine and experiencing different places can be the medicine to your soul. At least this is how I feel when booking a trip 🙂 🙂 🙂


Exploring Bruges was such a fairy tale moment for me. This place was on my bucket list for quite some time and wandering around its narrow streets and medieval houses was super worth the waiting.


Located about an hour from Brussels, Bruges is such an unique place. Its Gothic architecture makes you feel like you are going back in time, and everything seems to be from a century ago. Plenty to see but 24 hours are more than enough. It is a great place to explore by foot.


Markt it is the most popular area. Surrounded by beautiful historical buildings and the medieval bell tower (Belfry of Bruges) where everybody mingles between the horse-drawn carriages it’s the perfect spot for the best Instagram shot. Lots of restaurants and cafes where you must try the typical Belgian dishes.


Rozenhoedkaai is the classic Bruges photo. Lovely view point for photos especially on a sunny day or at night when you can get the buildings reflecting into the water. Strolling around, also doing boat trip along the canal where you get a different view from every angle is the best way to experience this city.


Let’s talk Belgian food. If you are a chocolate and fries lover this is the place to be. So many chocolate shops to choose from. Street food is essential. You can not resist the waffles and fries stands which are everywhere.

colorfuldoors_redzarapants_zaful_bruges_brugge_belgiumCanals_boatTrip_bruges_bruggeHave you been to Bruges before. Did this post convince you to give a look to this amazing place. Let me know your thoughts in the comment below.

Till next time…

Happy Traveling…


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