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Hello beautiful people,

Well-spent summer day is a day spent on the beach. That’s one of the best ways to deal with the warm summer weather. And for me summer equals with Greece. Greece is the country with the prettiest beaches and the clearest water. I’ve been to many places but I always go back to Greece. Other then the nature beauties Greece has many beach bars very worth visiting. Here I share some of the best from the Halkidiki area.



ACHINOS BEACH BAR & 7 SEAS – This is my second time visiting this beach bar. So last year I really had a bad experience, which you can read on my post WHEN IN GREECE |HALKIDIKI | THESSALONIKI |WHAT TO EAT, WHERE TO GO, WHAT TO DO but I guess bad reviews give good results.

When visiting Halkidiki especially in the high season I recommend booking your sunbeds in advance. We called and booked 2 sunbed with umbrella + one chair and everything was 25 Euros. It is definitely on the pricier side but the service was impeccable. There is a wifi available Frappe is 4 Euros, Double sandwich is 6 Euros, Omelette is 8 Euros, Cocktails are from 9 to 15 Euros ect. So it is definitely on the pricier side but the dishes are big and you definitely get a more luxury experience. Other then the batch the complex has  a restaurant, lounge area, boutique and nails and massage some kind of salon. I’m seeing that I did not mentioned where it was 🙂 It is located at the end of village Chaniotis, and you can go by feet from the village so it is not in between places area.


CRYSTAL RESORT (VILLAS & SUITES) POLYCHRONO – If you want to have the full relaxation mood on this is totally the place to be.  Located in a more calm area in Polychrono with pretty beach amenities and the beach all for yourself this place has a more isolated resort vibe but in a good way. Even though you are not a guest in the resort you can use the beach by spending 10 Euros from the menu. Again it is on the pricier side, but you have all the calm and privacy. The Frapper here is 5 Euros, Beers around 7 Euros, Fruit Salad 9 Euros, Club Sandwich around 10 Euros. The wifi is strong but having that view in front of you I’m positive you won’t need it. Again is reachable by feet it is around 20 minutes walk from the center of the village.


CAROUSEL BEACH BAR & MELISSA SEASIDE BEACH BAR –  In the area Epanomi which is 30 km away from Thessaloniki, there is a bay with many beach bars. These two are located here, right next to each other. Carousel as the name says has a theme. At the entrance there is a colorful old car. Melissa on the other side is a typical beach bar with a restaurant and seaside area. These beach bars are more on the affordable side however the pricing is the typical for the summer season. Frappe is 4 Euros, Greek Salad 7 Euros, Beer 6 euros ect. The wifi again is strong. Lovely place but if you ask me I always prefer the Halkidki, Kassandra and Sithonia area.


AMMOS BEACH BAR OLIMPIADA – This is totally different area if you want to skip the crowds from the Halkidiki area. It is located after the village Olimpiada. This one is definitely on the affordable side as you don’t need to pay for the sunbeds at all. The Frappe is 4 Euros the club sandwich is 6 Euros the water 1 Euro as everywhere. The service is not the best and there is no wifi. However the water is crystal clear and it is perfect for a relaxing day.


Let me know your ways of surviving the summer heat. I would like to hear new ideas. Please share them in the comments below.

Till next time…

Happy Traveling…



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