The City on Seven Hills | Most Instagrammable places in Lisbon

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Photo fanatic – that’s me. Going through your photos can refresh and bring your memories back. There is no silver bullet for making a professional picture. It often takes years of practice. However, Instagram, is very helpful and can improve your photography skills. Thanks to Instagram a new word for a good photo was invented – Instagrammable. When traveling I always check the most insagrammable spots of a certain city.  Checking off Lisbon from my bucket list was such a pleasure. I wanted to visit this city for quite some time and this summer I made it happen. Here are my favorite places in Lisbon, where you can get the best shots.


Miradouro da Senhora do Monte, Miradouro de Santa Luiza & Miradouro das Portas do Sol (Lisbon Viewpoints) 

Spread across seven hills, Lisbon offers network of terraces from which you can contemplate the beauty of the city. Called “miradouros” (viewpoints), they’re usually located at the highest points of each hill, and all have spaces to sit and rest. Some even have cafés serving snacks and light refreshments.


Dress: KISSMILK Black Button Front Overall Dress Black – DRESSLILY

Let’s just admire for a moment this cute overall dress. The 90’s are back in style, and this dress should be taken seriously.  It is denim material and can be dressed up with heals or dressed down with sneakers. Perfect for any season.

Torre de Belem ( Belem Tower) 

Never seen a tower siting in the water? 2,5 km from the city center of Lisbon is the iconic Belem Tower. Getting here is easy. Catch tram 15 form the center. Tickets are around 4 euros. When around you must stop by the oldest bakery, Pasteis de Belem, where you can get the best Pasteis de Nata. One Nata is 1.5 Euros.


The Pink Street 

Decades ago, it was Lisbon’s “red light district”, but now this has transformed into one of the coolest spots near the river. Lisbon’s Pink Street, is originally known as Rua Nova do Carvalho.  This street had some very shady beginnings. It is a pedestrian street once known as a meeting point for sailors, local criminals and prostitutes.

Sailors and criminals would come by for a good time to enjoy the company of women at the gambling dens, brothels and seedy bars. The street at the time, developed a bad reputation until it had a complete makeover. After the transformation which was complete in 2013, Lisbon’s “red light district” is long gone and the street is left brighter than ever.


Praca do Comercio (Commerce Square) 

This is Lisbon’s main square. If you are exhausted from the uphill walking, here you can enjoy perfect sunsets and amazing architecture. It is right next to the shopping area and there are a lot of restaurants where you can try Portuguese food.


Ascensor da Bica

Lisbon extends over seven steep hills. The streets of the oldest parts are narrow and hilly. So expect a lot of uphill walking! However the yellow trams, are the icon of the city, and the symbol of the past. If you want to get to the key points of interest in Lisbon take tram 28.  If you want to take the perfect shot and not take the ride find Ascensor da Bica.


Have you been to Lisbon? Do you consider visiting it soon? Are you team Instagram and do you search for the Instagram spots when traveling?  Let me know it the comments below…

Till next time…


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