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Hi people,

The view from the top is always the best one… That is such a cliche, but when there, it really makes sense. Am I obsessing over rooftops a lot, or it’s a normal thing? Even though I’m super scared of highs, when traveling, visiting some of the iconic rooftops, has became my favorite hobby.


I’m sharing here 5 personal favorite rooftops from Amsterdam, Seville, Málaga and Thessaloniki. I’m planning on doing rooftops volume 2 because there are so many amazing places that need to be mentioned and visited.

I’m starting with the recent one, and I must admit this rooftop holds a special place in my heart. If you want to get the whole experience, the perfect spot to discover Amsterdam from great heights, you must visit this place.



Located in Double Tree by Hilton, next to Amsterdam Central, Sky Lounge Amsterdam is an award winning roof top lounge bar overlooking this unique metropolis. Pricing is a little bit on the expensive side, but however it is worth spending every single euro. The service is impeccable, definitely next level. You get free pop corn,  also a refill, which makes it even better. They put a lot of effort on food and drinks presentation and let’s not forget about the views. No matter the season, part of the day or by night it is the perfect spot to get your coffee or lunch while enjoying beautiful Amsterdam. Coffee, tea hot chocolate is around 8 euros, but as I mention before you get refill so it is very well spent money. The cocktails are around 15 euros and the food goes from 10 euros and above.



If you want to catch the best views of Seville Cathedral especially by night, this is the place to be. Located in the city center, right next to the Cathedral, EME Hotel Rooftop  is one of the many rooftop bars in Seville. The drinks are expensive, glass of wine is around 10 euros, cocktails around 15 euros, the bar is small there isn’t a lot of seats, but the night views made it worth it. 



Hard Rock Cafe and at the same time rooftop restaurant. Can it get any better? If you are visiting Málaga definitely check this place. Facing the port, enjoying Málaga sunsets while eating super delicious burger is something that no one can say no to, right. 🙂  Located in the historical Spanish Costa Del Sol region of Málaga, it’s one of the biggest Hard Rock Cafes in Europe I’ve been to so far. The pricing is definitely on the expensive side. Burgers are around 12-15 Euros, drinks starting from 5 euros. 


skyline_thessaloniki_towergreekfrappe_Skyline_viewfrominside_skylinethessalonikiSKYLINE Thessaloniki – Chilling with delicious Greek frappe while enjoying 360 view of downtown Thessaloniki sounds like a really cool idea.  The service is on point, and the atmosphere is very romantic. During the weekends starting from 7pm there is a piano performance. Definitely is cheaper then the others mentioned above and it is a must when in Thessaloniki. The coffee is around 5 euros and the dishes around 5-10 euros. 

Last but not the least is another one in Seville. Gourmet Experience located in Corte Ingles is a beautiful restaurant with big rooftop terrace where you can enjoy your drinks and lunch again enjoying amazing views of Seville. Drinks were around 7-9 euros and here we tried Sangria which was soo delicious and refreshing. Perfect for hot summer days.



So which one is your favorite? Are you a rooftop seeker?

Let me know in the comments below…

Till next time..

Happy traveling…


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