Travel Diaries 2019

Happy Monday beautiful people,

So 2019 is almost over, and as this post became a tradition since the first year, I wanted to share videos from all the places I gave a visit in 2019. Through this year I visited two new countries and many new cities and beaches. It was fun year travel- wise and I definitely choose quality over quantity. There are still so many places on my bucket list, and I already have new travels planned for the beginning of 2020 so let’t wrap this one and prepare for even better new year.

Happy New Year

Till next time

Happy Traveling..

The Nederlands 


 Zaanse Schans

The Hague + Scheveningen Beach 




Algarve beaches 

Praia da Rocha 

Praia do Dona Ana 

Praia do Camilo 

Praia da Marinha 

Benagil Caves 

Praia dos Tres Castelos 

Sintra – Pena Palace 

Spain – Andalucia 




Novi Sad + Belgrade 

And Last but not least – Greece


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