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It’s been a long time since my last post which was from December. This year definitely, isn’t a blast, and given the situation, I wasn’t inspired to work on the blog at all. Let’s forward quick the first half of the year, focus on the second one and hope for better days. This pandemic made traveling distant, restricted and not accessible for everyone. When many borders are closed, and traveling is still not completely safe, many of us who love to explore started from their country.

Old church Mavrovo
Mavrovo Lake
Mavrovo Lake

National park Mavrovo and the whole Mavrovo area is one of the prettiest regions in Western Macedonia. If you appreciate untouched nature and enjoy the mountain breeze you definitely need to give it a visit. It is bicycle and fishing friendly-perfect to appreciate the beauties while cycling around the lake. Mavrovo Lake has charming color and is so photogenic. A morning walk around the waterside is the best medicine for your soul. When in Mavrovi Anovi you need to see the Landmark – Old Mavrovo Church. This church is sunken when the water levels are really low. The views here are breathtaking also the energy, the history, the sand of time, everything is visit worthy.

Complex Korab Trnica
Complex Korab Trnica

Where to eat: You can’t go wrong with Macedonian food but if you want to get the whole, typical, traditional Macedonian food experience I recommend Complex Korab – Trnica. The brand “Korab Trnica” dates from the distant 1945. Their concept is “from nature to table” and they produce a large range of milk and dairy products which are served with other traditional foods here in the restaurant. Located in the mountains around 10 km away from Mavrovi Anovi, while listening traditional Macedonian music you get to enjoy many fresh from the oven dishes . The prices here are reasonable even on the cheaper side for this region.

Radika Mountain Resort

Where to stay: The best hotel here, with the best views, is definitely Radika Mountain Resort. Located in village Leunovo 13 km away from Mavrovo Ski Center in the very coastline of beautiful Mavrovo lake, so you have a breathtaking view from the window. The rooms are specious, well preserved, there is an indoor and outdoor pools and amazing yard with beautiful nature to enjoy. The breakfast was not the best but there is always an option for improvement. It is definitely on the pricier side and you get that luxury experience in the middle of the woods.

Breakfast Options
Outdoor Pool Radika
Room View

Let me know how and where you managed to travel during this pandemic. I’m eager to hear your thought in the comments below.

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