As we are basically “trapped” in our own countries we started exploring its beauties and appreciate more the places we didn’t want or chose to visit since we had more options. This year National park Galicica became one of the top favorite traveler spots in Macedonia and adding the Instagrammable experience as a bonus, gets more attention every single day. Galičica  is a mountain situated across the border between Macedonia and Albania.

The national park is on the Macedonian side and It stretches over an area of 227 square kilometres. Located between the two biggest lakes in Macedonia, Lake Ohrid and Prespa, the National Park is covering the best views from both lakes. If you are entering the National park from the Ohrid Lake side there is an entrance which is 60 mkd or 1 euro per car and 50mkd per person. On the way from Ohrid to Prespa there are three view points that are accessible by car. The first one is Koritski Rid where you get an amazing panoramic view of Ohrid Lake and Trpecja village.

It is right after you pass the two big curves that are also visible from. The second view point it’s called St. George. Again here you have a picture perfect view of Ohrid Lake. Also here u can take the not that demanding hike to Peak Magaro where you get the Two lakes view point – a stunning panorama where you experience views from both Ohrid and Prespa Lake.

And the last view point is Leskovski Ushi which is not well signposted and this is the only view point of Prespa Lake. When you pass over the last view point make sure to drive more carefully as the road is not at its best condition – there are a lot of potholes.

Until next time…

Happy Traveling…



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