Hello wine lovers,

Without a doubt, wine is one of the most beloved beverages of all time. Which occasion can be called complete without some delectable wines? From weddings and anniversaries to birthdays and retirement parties, every event sees people indulging in wine drinking. Being a flavorful drink, there are certain things to consider before choosing wines for an occasion. Some wines get better with age, and some lose their flavor as they age. Adding a spectacular view of infinity vineyards, while enjoying a glass of tasty wine makes the experience memorable.. Macedonia has a spectrum of different wines which qualify in the good quality and tasty group of wines. Following up there are many vineyards very worth visiting. Worth mentioning are definitely Chateau Sopot in Veles and Popova Kula Winary in Demir Kapija.

CHATEAU SOPOT WINERY is located in the surroundings of Mladost Lake a few kilometres away from Veles. At only 46 km from Skopje via highway E75 right after the pay toll there is a exit on the right side. The restaurant and the whole complex is surrounded by the vineyards so if you are the “wine with view” type of person this is the place to be. The wine selection is huge there is an option for everybody. My favorite white wine is Temjanika -semi-sweet wine with creamy texture with quince and elderberry blossom aromas and yellow fruit flavors, and from the red wine selection I would pick the fruit wine. Food here is delicious, not expensive nor affordable, the service is impeccable, stuff very kind and professional and the views breathtaking. So if you are a wine lover and you want an experience at another level I really recommend to give it a visit.

POPOVA KULA WINERY is another must see winery in Macedonia. Located only a few kilometres away from Demir Kapija and surrounded by an enormous vineyards the winery and the restaurant are a perfect spot for wine tasting. Excellent winery, with unique location! Quiet and peaceful place, family and animal friendly with incredible view! The services is outstanding and the dish selection versatile.

Are you a wine lover? Do you prefer white or red wine? Which is your favorite winery? Let me know your thoughts? I’m eager to hear about it in the comments below…

Till next time…

Happy Traveling and Wine tasting… 🙂



  1. tanjakofol

    What a fantastic experience! Looks like a wonderful trip, countryside is just so beautiful and that food seems amazing ❤ I love trying local wines from different places, never had a chance to visit Macedonia so far.


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