The Romantic City Of Verona


Piazza Bra

Happy Wednesday my friends…

I don’t think I need an intro for the city, where the love story of Romeo and Juliet took place. This is how this region became even more popular. Well I guess by the topic you already know that my next post will be about the romantic Verona.

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Travel diaries 2016

Hello my friends,

I’m assuming you are all guessing what this post will be about (If you are a follower you’ll already know it’s about traveling, right :D) . I’ve been thinking a lot, whether to post it this month or the next, but I just couldn’t wait anymore and decided that I want to share it now. This is my 2016 through videos, all the places I’ve visited till now. So, enough talking and let the videos speak for itself.

1. Bucharest – Romania

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Bella Italia


A quote says: Italy is a dream, that keep returning for the rest of your life. I think Italy is very special, you may enjoy your holidays there, but you can’t really ignore the country’s ancient history, magnificent architecture, ideas expressed in beautiful forms, or the local people and their customs. Venice, Rome, Milan, Verona you don’t wanna miss it. Italy is worldwide famous for its delicious cuisine, its trendy fashion industry, as well for the beautiful coast. Pasta and Pizza… Sound like something well worth a try. Read More